The Paint-job
1 October 2019
Lining the capsule
1 October 2019
Canolfan Phoenix
Egni Coop smashes £750k Share Offer target and more…..
1 October 2019
The Moonscape
30 September 2019
Outer shell signed off as 'Safe to Travel'.
26 September 2019
25 September 2019
Luna McLooneyface
24 September 2019
Space capsule has its first layer.
23 September 2019
The Mission begins!
23 September 2019
Awel Aman Tawe/Egni has been named a finalist in the UK Social Enterprise Awards, recognising businesses which are changing the world.
9 September 2019
Designing the Lunar Lander
4 September 2019
Egni Coop has now raised more than half a million pounds to help solarize Wales saving 35,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.
13 August 2019
Designing the Space Capsule
30 July 2019
Trinity St David’s Interns help raise over £473,000 in Community Shares.
29 July 2019
Engaging the Welsh Youth in Community Energy: Visit by Tairgwaith School to Awel Wind Farm.
24 July 2019
Egni goes to the Moon
16 July 2019
Wind Farm Site Visit, Egni Launch and Twmpath barn dance, July 23rd:
5 July 2019
Launched – largest rollout of rooftop solar in Welsh history!
10 June 2019