Last days on the Moon, then back to Earth

The last week on the Moon was busy. Schools, groups and stray children (and adults) came to visit. All in all, over 800 people have visited me and Greta on the Moon.

And with all that commotion, an alien popped its head out of a crater.

The exhibition “Message to the Universe” grew and grew. We chipped off bits of moon as our canvasses and used recycled materials to create our exhibition about Planet Earth. Here are some of my favourites

We planted the flag on the moon in support of all those Extinction Rebellion protestors back on Earth. Nearly 2,000 people arrested in the London protests while I’ve been on the Moon.

While on the Moon, I wrote a poem about the whole experience Pontardawe’s Handy Guide to Sustainable Space Travel :

While I’m posting poetry, here’s a link to my lift off poem, called What if… :….pdf

And then back to Earth.

What an amazing month! I’m still processing it all now, but it was definitely a life-changing experience, one that I shan’t forget.

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