We are Energy Warriors

As part of Wales’ journey to net zero, Awel Aman Tawe pledged to develop an ambitious, sustainable energy education programme focused around Egni Co-op’s solar PV schools and the online platform provided by charity Energy Sparks.  

We are Energy Warriors helps pupils to analyse and investigate their schools’ actual energy consumption and solar energy generation. Armed with this knowledge, they work out how to reduce their schools’ energy use, and through taking action, they help to cut their schools’ carbon footprint. Schools motivate each other by becoming part of a community of schools addressing the climate emergency and by competing on a scoreboard across south Wales.

We are Energy Warriors begins with the schools’ own solar panels and goes on to explore the connection between energy and climate change. We build networks with climate change educators in Wales and the UK; work with STEM Ambassadors who are working in the field of climate change; we work with arts practitioners to explore creative and innovative solutions and offer opportunities to visit other renewable energy schemes like our own community windfarm.

We develop teaching resources for schools and we also provide opportunities for them to work with artists. Last year, for example, Ynni Da and Mr Phormula led a nature cipher on the beaches of Pembrokeshire and pupils wrote climate change raps.

Sion Tomos Owen of Creasion Cartoons worked with pupils to design huge murals of Energy Warriors like this one by Ysgol Gelli Aur.

Partnered with Energy Sparks schools are able to analyse and investigate their energy use and take part in additional activities to be explorers, analysts, detectives and changemakers. The programme provides pupils with the knowledge, skills, experiences and values that inspire and motivate them to learn, think and take action on energy and climate change.

In 2021-2022, we worked with with 25 schools and 2000 pupils, linking our workshops with the new Welsh curriculum. We look forward to working with more schools this year on their energy reduction campaigns.  Schools can choose from working with us for one workshop, a term or even across a whole year to embed the energy reduction, sustainability message in their school. 


Pupils on our project become part of our School for Energy Warriors and are accompanied and motivated on their journey by Dipsy the Eco-cat and her messages for a more sustainable way of living. Dipsy has her own twitter account in which she identifies ways to reduce her Carbon Pawprint. dipsy-the-eco-cat

Most schools save about 10% on their energy bills after they join us and Energy Sparks. Penyrheol Comprehensive have reduced their bills by nearly £300/week as shown below!

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