We’re finally getting it up!


It’s not been easy, and it’s not been quick. In fact it has had the longest development period for a windfarm in the history of mankind. But however frustrating that has been, it was never about speed.

It’s always been about social justice, a, local response to global warming. It always had to be a community windfarm – ploughing money into villages winded by the closure of the coal industry.

Certainly the challenges have made me question not just the world’s sanity, but my own sense of what I want out of life. Surely in the face of worsening climate change, it shouldn’t take seventeen years to build two turbines!

Awel Aman Tawe has become an icon of dogged determination. That has been possible through the overwhelming support from thousands of people. People we’d never have met if it hadn’t been for the windfarm. Loyal, funny, innovative, supportive, risk-taking, empathic people. Even people willing to take off their clothes for our naked renewable
energy calendar!

But in spite of all the ups and downs, the fundamental principles on which the project began hold true as much today as they did at the very start, when, having put the baby to bed, a few of us brainstormed our ideas for a community windfarm. That baby is now applying for uni.

It’s time to build a windfarm.

Please join us!

Awel Aman Tawe group photo

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