Visit from Jeremy Miles AM and Sonia Reynolds Councillor for GCG and Cwmgors

It was an absolute pleasure to host a visit from Jeremy Miles MS/AS and Sonia Reynolds today along with our 3 ‘relatively’ new staff members Emma Norman (community engagement officer), Jen James (Education officer) and Felicity Crump (Assistant Manager). We updated them on the renovations and plans for Hwb y Gors. Our Architect, builders and all involved in the refurbishment of the school were on hand to discuss the project. Every time we enter the building, there’s something new to see. We’re so pleased with our construction team JustinTime who are helping us to decipher the origins of the building and how to refurbish it in as sensitive a way as possible. We want to hold on to as many of its beautiful features as possible. It’s nearly 110 years old and is full of memories for most of Cwmgors residents and beyond! The building has had to be stripped out due to the huge extent of Dry Rot but it does mean that there is scope to add some new mezzanine floors, and we’ve found 60 windows that had been blocked up (see picture below)! Our plan is to run some stained glass workshops and create a series of stained glass panels for the building.

Thank you to everyone involved in a great visit!

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