Stitch Club

The Hwb Stitch Club grew out of our Heritage Quilt project which was run by sustainable stitch specialist Menna Buss of Iar Stiwdio and the talented members of the Tawe Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers (funded by the Arts Council for Wales). During the project over 300 participants made an incredible quilt using low carbon materials and techniques and remembers the school and the local area. We celebrated its completion with a great party and it will be on permanent display in the café of Hwb y Gors when we open. Since then, the Stitch Club has been meeting every fortnight to support each other but also to lend their skills to support other groups – including Awel Aman Tawe! – Warrior capes for our climate education programme (We are Energy Warriors), Wiggly Vests* for local charity Joseph’s Smile, costumes for their community Christmas shows and now aprons for our volunteers. Thank you all at Stitch Club!

Stitch Club takes place on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month in Cwmgors Community Hall, SA18 1PS (10-12.30). The group meets with their own projects, they have a cuppa, a chat and a giggle! – if this sounds appealing, get in touch with Sandra on

*Wiggly Vests were designed by charity founder, Katy Yeandle.  The vests are designed to support children who require Hickman Lines while being treated for Cancer. These enable them to play without pulling the lines out & consequently needing hospital admissions.

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