Luna McLooneyface

The capsule is coming on nicely. It now has nodules – like Tim Peake’s nodules. If only I could have made it to UK Space Conference in Newport today (!), I could have asked what the nodules are for. On our capsule they monitor the carbon footprint.

Here are a few choice pics of the day:

Thank you Alison and Johanna for such committed work on the space capsule today. They worked solidly to get the second and third layer complete which sets us on a good schedule for lift off on October 4th 8pm. (You are all welcome to come and see me into my space ship; and mull over whether it will burn up on re-entry back to earth)

In the meantime, we have a vote to decide the name of the space capsule. Please send your suggestions in. At the moment, Luna McLooneyface is top of the list!

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