Awelog: Weeks eight, nine & ten

Awelog logo Weeks Eight, Nine & Ten: Track complete

Completing the track and starting the foundations

The track has now been completed to Turbine 1 (the furthest turbine, on the common) and to where the substation will be constructed. The team have also begun the foundations for Turbine 1 and for the substation. Here is a map showing the latest work:

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I went up the Black Mountain and took a photo of the view across to the Gwrhyd:

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Track completion

The track has now reached Turbine 1! In total there’s roughly 2km of track along the common. About 1km of this is improvements to the existing track and 1km is new track.

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Constructing the substation

The team have begun constructing the substation which will house the switchgear. This is where the electricity from the turbines is connected to the National Grid.

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Turbine foundations

They began levelling the ground in preparation for Turbine 1. They have begun the foundations. They found deep soil depths here from previous opencast mining in the area, so there was a lot of digging to create a level area:

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Archaeology and Ecology Watching Briefs 

Hywel and Sian have been continuing their watching briefs on the work being carried out. Sian has found copious tadpoles and some newts and toads which she has relocated to safer locations. These photos are courtesy of Sian Musgrave, Amber Environmental Consultancy:

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Green Party candidate visit .

Lisa Rapado, the Green Party Assembly election candidate visited the site. She was impressed with the work, and was particularly keen on the idea that the track will be a public cycle track.

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Turbine bolts

These are the bolts for the turbines!

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Second Progress meeting:

A good meeting, everything is happening on schedule.

From left to right: Eirwyn (Power Systems, electrical contractors), Tom (Electrical engineer, Wind Prospect), Antonio (Enercon), Andreas (Enercon), Jamie (Wind Prospect), Charlotte (Awel), Chris Usher (Quad Consult, civil engineering consultants) and Jaime (Quad Consult)

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The lovely Jenny visited the site this week. She worked for Awel Aman Tawe for many years before having her baby Gwen. Jenny oversaw the site design and planning for the windfarm and was really excited to see it all coming together.

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