Awel and NEF call for additional Government support for Show Homes as inspiration for domestic retrofit

In its most recent study, the National Energy Foundation demonstrates the benefits of Show Homes in promoting energy savings through retrofit and renovation, and calls on the Government to provide additional support.

Following the publication of the Bonfield Review (Each Home Counts) at the end of last year (which avoided the issue of stimulating extra demand for domestic energy efficiency retrofit) the National Energy Foundation launches a new study on the effectiveness of Show Homes. The new report Show Homes: An effective force for inspiring domestic retrofit looks at how Show Homes can be used very effectively to raise public awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures, and how they can generate interest among visitors who might then go on to install similar measures in their own homes.

Show Homes are shown to raise awareness of what is possible and take visitors from inspiration to action. The benefits provided by Show Homes are almost endless and are felt throughout the supply chain – by Government, the consumer and the population as a whole.

In particular, the study identifies the award-winning SuperHomes project as a beacon of inspiration for homeowners. SuperHomes are a nationwide network of over 200 owner-occupied properties that have been renovated by their owners (SuperHomers) to save at least 60% of their carbon emissions. Celebrating their 10th year in 2017, SuperHomes have the advantage of showcasing a combination of energy efficiency measures.

Each year, SuperHomers open their homes to the public in a series of Open House events and, over the years, tens of thousands of visitors have walked through the doors of these homes, with a large number going on to undertake their own energy-efficient renovations. Three in five visitors say it is very likely they will improve the energy efficiency of their homes following a visit to a SuperHome.

SuperHomes have caught the attention of BBC Radio 4 and will be featured on the Costing the Earth programme, scheduled for late April. The programme will focus on improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock. Two SuperHomers will be interviewed about the measures they’ve installed to achieve their 60% reduction target, and how they have changed the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes.

Launching the report, Gabby Mallett, Director of Households and Communities at the National Energy Foundation, commented:

“If this Government is serious about cutting carbon emissions and renovating our aged housing stock, as well as reducing fuel poverty, it needs to address the issue, so clearly avoided by the Bonfield review,  and stimulate some demand. What better way to do that than by supporting initiatives such as Show Homes, which have been shown to work?”

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