50,000kWh? It was actually 72,000 kWh!

Enough to supply 22 houses for a year with electricity.

In fact, our turbines are beating all projections from January to March. We knew it was a good site (i.e windy!) and that Enercon are state of the art turbines. So far, they’ve generated 2,190,555kWh. See a pic of our meter.

This works out as a daily average of £2,706 of generation as compared to the most optimistic (P50) projection in our Financial Model which was £2,493.

This is despite the fact that the turbines were under test for much of this period so there were days when one or both weren’t working as Enercon staff were tweaking them inside.

We’re going to be looking into how best to put more of our data into the public domain over the next couple of months. We think it’s vital that we present the business case for onshore wind energy, and how much cheaper it is than fracking and nuclear (+ a whole load of other arguments…)

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