The Moonscape

With the capsule waiting for next week’s paint-job by Ysgol Pontardawe, I had a chance to think about the Moon and what I will find there. No atmosphere, craters…..and cheese, right?

I had help from Suzette and Carwyn, Chris and Nick to begin the blacking out of Space and to help create the (no) atmosphere of the Moon. It’s surprising how much material you need to blot out the light. That’s another job for the weekend: buy more black material …along with making craters, seat belts for the space teddies, sewing my spacesuit, finding biodegradable acrylic for window etc etc…

Derek arrived and we talked Moonscape. My intention had been to paint the lino, but we decided the lino wouldn’t hold the paint, so I was back to papier macheing again.

Ron, of Arts in the Tawe Valley, arrived and spent a good hour working on the Power control panel. He’s got many years of experience fixing Radar machines, so I think I’m going to be okay.

Pretty knackered now…. One more week of building and then it’s Lift Off on Friday 4th 8pm. You are all welcome to come and see me off into space 🙂

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