Kerry Bates

Kerry started with Awel Aman Tawe at the start of 2024 and he says he has “finally landed his perfect role” working with the community and contributing to the fight against climate change! Kerry, by his own admission, has done a “few different things”, including accounts work in London (whilst playing drums in a band at night), pensions administration in Edinburgh and also road sales in the bridalwear industry travelling the UK, including the Highlands and Ireland. He has at last settled down and has been living in the Amman Valley for the past ten years, where you can still occasionally hear the distant sound of his drumkit! Kerry is really looking forward to working locally with our community members, where he says that growing up in a Llanelli pub in the 70s and 80s should give him the chatty tools he needs to get to know and help others (as well as practice speaking Welsh)…. And his Open University Diploma in Earth Sciences should finally come in handy too – where did he get time to do that?!!

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