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Work has started on Awel Co-op’s community wind farm in the Swansea Valley. The community co-op raised £734k from its first Share Offer before Christmas. The co-op has just re-opened its Share Offer to enable people to invest during construction which can be followed here. The co-op is aiming to raise £1,000,000 within a month.

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Mary Ann Brocklesby, one of Awel’s Directors said,  “We appointed a local company, Raymond Brown Construction, to start building in March and we are delighted with progress. It has been fantastic to see the quality of the work on the ground.

The Share Offer is open till June 15th at a projected interest rate of 7%.

Dan McCallum added “We first started working on this project in 1998. Hundreds of people have put massive amounts of time and creativity into the project over the years. We live in an area where coal was king. We want community renewable energy to be the future. It’s been a labour of love.”

Shares are available from £50 and as a co-op, each member is entitled to one vote, irrespective of how many shares they own.

The project is backed by Paul Thorburn, Wales rugby legend; Gillian Clarke,  former Wales National Poet; and Paul Allen  of the Centre for Alternative Energy.

We were overwhelmed by the level of support from the general public to take action on climate change and invest in green energy. We want more people to join the co-op and share the excitement of being part of something positive. Sign up to get more information on our website



The project will install two Enercon turbines on Mynydd y Gwrhyd 20 miles north of Swansea. They will supply enough clean power for about 2500 homes.

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