Awelog: Weeks Four & Five

Awelog logo Weeks Four & Five: Continuing the track

More track and lots of site meetings

The team have been working their way up through the fields. Here is the map showing how far they’ve reached.

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First Progress Meeting  We had our first Progress Meeting at Awel Aman Tawe’s offices.This was to discuss the progress on the site, checking that everything’s happening on time and that they all tie in together (Enercon’s delivery timetable for the turbines, WPD grid connection timetable and Raymond Brown’s construction programme).

This was with: (from left to right) Jaime (Quad Consult, civil engineering design), Jamie (our Engineer, Wind Prospect), Mick (our Site Supervisor, Wind Prospect), Charlotte (Local Energy Development officer, EST), Robert (Logistics Co-ordinator, Enercon), Andres (Engineer, Enercon), Jurgen (Logistics, Enercon), Steve (Contract Manager, Raymond Brown), Eirwyn (Electrical Manager, Power Systems), Tom (Electrical Officer, Wind Prospect) and Roger (Site Manager, Raymond Brown).

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Trial Run Discussion  We had a meeting with the police to discuss the trial run which will happen in mid-June. Our trial run will simulate a turbine on a lorry travelling from Swansea Dock to the site. It  physically tests the route and will identify any objects that need to be removed or work that needs to be done. From left to right: Robert, Andres and Jurgen from Enercon; Kevin (Police Officer), Justin (NPT Highways), Jamie and Sophie (Project Manager)  from Wind Prospect and Charlotte (EST).

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Meeting with funders We had a site visit with Steve (Triodos Bank), David (Welsh Government) to look at project progress. Hywel (one of our land owners) kindly took us over in his Land Rover to the location of Turbine 1.

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Enercon Visit  And we had a Site Visit with Enercon (our turbine supplier) to assess the cut and fill section of the track prior to this being done.

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Here are a few pictures of the track as they progressed up through the fields. In particular the cut and fill section at the steepest part of the track.

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At the Bellmouth:

The area has been tidied up a bit prior to the site office relocation. Once the track has progressed up to the common, the site office will be relocated further up on the mountain and the bellmouth area finished.

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A few Awel Co-op members visited the site during the week:

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