Awelog: Weeks Eleven to Fourteen

Awelog logo Weeks Eleven to Fourteen: Foundations!

Laying the Foundations

Substation: The design for the substation has been approved by Western Power Distribution (WPD); the foundations are complete and walls are progressing. The concrete in windfarm switch room has been poured. The substation will house the two sets of switch gear (ours and WPD’s) where the electricity from the turbines is connected to the grid. The machinery has been ordered; it will arrive and be installed in September.

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Turbine foundations

The holes have been dug for both turbines with drainage ditches to take away any water. It’s hard to appreciate the size of these holes, so we’ve taken a few pictures with us in to show you the scale.

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Turbine 1 has had its base layer of concrete poured. Here’s the hole with Dan pretending to be a turbine:

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And the whole day of concreting  in the rain sped up to 2.5 minutes. Crikey they work fast!

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Above the concrete, a mat of steel bars was laid, and the bolt ring placed in the middle. This picture of the bolt ring is prior to it going in the hole:

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Awel Members Open Evening

We had a great evening up on the site a few weeks ago. We were so pleased to welcome thirty members to see the construction work , some travelling great distances. Owen, Jamie, Bethan and Steve were all on site to answer questions and show the members around the site. We went in a convoy along the track to the substation, and walked to the two turbine locations, then went back for tea and coffee at the site office. We will be holding another open evening on June 29th. If you’re interested in coming, do let us know.

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Share Offer:

We have now raised an incredible £1.186 million through co-op shares. The share offer document is on the website here.

Third Progress meeting:

A good meeting, everything is happening on schedule. Amongst other things discussed was the trial run planned for the 27th June. This is to test the route the turbines will take from the docks in Swansea up onto the site. There will be an extendable lorry and a police escort making the journey, filming the entire operation and making notes of any street furniture that will need to be moved. The roads won’t be closed.

From left to right: Darren (Power Systems, electrical contractors), Andreas (Enercon), Alastair (Enercon), Jamie (Raymond Brown), Jaime (Quad Consult), Steve (Raymond Brown), Jamie( (Wind Prospect), and Charlotte (Awel).

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Conrad Trevelyan 

We’ve had the very sad news that Conrad Trevelyan, has passed away. We were the first project that Con worked on when he joined Dulas in 2003-4, and were one of the last. In 2003, he did the technical site design which resulted in the turbine locations which are being built now. He oversaw the final tweaks to our Wind Yield Assessment just a couple of months ago. Our scheme would not be getting built now were it not for Con’s skills. Equally important was the ongoing support and encouragement that he gave us over the years when we struggled to get planning consent. He shared our anger at the way we were repeatedly refused planning permission, but helped inspire us that we had a chance of getting there in the end. Con was one of the first to join Awel Co-op. Our thoughts are with his colleagues at Dulas and his family. It was a privilege to have known him.

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Awel Member Visits

Every now and then members let us know that they’ve been up to the site to have a look at the construction.  Do feel free to go up and have a look, and if you can, send us a pic. Here’s Awel member Ian’s visit with his sister-in-law and nephews, heading along the track towards the turbine site. Thanks Ian!

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