Awelog: Week Three

Awelog logo Week Three: Constructing the track

Making Tracks

It’s been a straightforward week on site. The team made a good start on the track going up through the fields. Here is the map showing how far they’ve reached.

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Mid-week, I went up the Baran Mountain –  opposite the Gwrhyd – and took a photo to show you the route the turbines will be taking. If you look closely you can see Richard’s yellow digger.

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Here are a few pictures of the track early in the week. It was very wet and clayey – they struck a spring and put a culvert in.

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Once that was sorted they steamed ahead up the field: digging away the soil, laying the geotextile, spreading the stones,  and flattening the track with the roller. People living in the area may have seen many lorries delivering stones to the site. These are sandstone from the local quarry.

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At the Bellmouth:

The site office will be moving further up the track soon. After that, the bellmouth will be levelled and landscaped.

A few Awel Co-op members visited the site during the week:

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