Awelog: Week One.

Awelog logo Week One: Constructing the Bellmouth.

 Construction began this week!

A few faces on site: 

Jamie is the Owner’s Engineer. He is overseeing the construction on behalf of Awel.

Roger, Site Manager, and Bethan, the Site Engineer both work for Raymond Brown Construction and they are overseeing the construction of the site. Richard and Nick, father and son, are in charge of the diggers.

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The first job is to create the access track that enables the turbines to be delivered to the site. They will be coming up via Pontardawe, along the A474 and they’ll turn right, opposite the turning to the landfill site. It’s too sharp a turning for the turbines, so we need to create a bell-mouth at the entrance. This is what has been happening this week. Those of you living in the area will have noticed the temporary traffic lights at this junction. Apologies if this causes you any delay.

After Tenderleaf had removed the hedge and trees in the area of the bell-mouth, David of Stumpbusters ground down two large tree-stumps before the diggers came in. Raymond Brown Construction dug out the area, laid the geotextile sheeting, and are using stone quarried from the Gwrhyd to lay the foundations of the bell-mouth.

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When the turbines are delivered. They will come up via Pontardawe, along the A474, through Rhydyfro and they will turn right onto the lane opposite the landfill site. We are constructing a bellmouth at the entrance to this lane to enable the turbines to turn, and the lane is being widened for about 200 metres up towards the fields. At that point, the track will divert onto the fields.

Further up on the mountain.

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Local farmer Hywel Davies has mown the grass where the road will be constructed on the Common. This is to deter birds from nesting in this area. He has also constructed a fence to keep sheep and cattle away from the construction area.

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The local firm Tenderleaf cut back  trees in the bellmouth area, and the hedges up the lane. Afterwards, David of Stumpbusters ground down two large tree-stumps, before the diggers came in.

A few Awel Co-op members visited the site during the week:

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